Why choose us

Our premium massage gun is a head of its game. It offers so many exclusive features that you will not find on any other gun. We make sure our product is of the highest quality, making it perform at its optimum to help you perform at your optimum. If you have an injury now or you do exercise this is an essential. This massage gun will increase your performance level and decrease recovery time. What’s not to like? Oh and did I mention the great price 

Only £99.99 with free express shipping 

You can’t afford to miss out on getting this product. If this all isn’t enough we have made your purchase risk free with money-back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

So give your muscle the treat they need.

About Us

This companies main objectives is to help people feel more relaxed so the can either perform higher in the sport or even just be a happier person. Tranquil Effects is run by aspiring entrepreneurs aged 16 and 18 year old.

When to Use

Recover Faster

Our uniquely designed massage gun helps you recover faster as it relieves muscle fatigue, muscle tightness and decreases the build up of lactic acid. This means you can train harder without worrying about sore muscle holding you back next session.  Infact  by using this gun to recover the next training session you will be able to train twice as hard as the first.

Just Relax

This tranquil massager is great if you feel stressed as it loosens off all your muscle groups giving you chance to relax in peace. Furthermore the technology of this gun is design to give off very little noise which will help you relax in silence. 

Use Anywhere

It is possible to use our therapeutic massage gun anywhere due to it being cordless, and coming with a tightly compacted travel back so it is easy to carry. Lastly our massage gun has a built in rechargeable battery which on a full charge will last for 8 hours.